Bank overdraft: Is it a good or bad option?

An overdraft is a short-term facility provided by banks to its clients to withdraw funds in excess to their balance from their account. Basically, it allows you to borrow money from your account which makes it sound interesting. But keep in mind that an overdraft is a debt that incurs interest, fees and charges by the bank.

An overdraft applies to those who need an access to extra funds for a short period, to cover up for due bills to avoid late payment charges. Overdraft can be arranged or unarranged but I highly recommend to always utilising the arranged one to avoid “account overdrawn fee”.  Rates charged depends on each bank and the type of account you have.

When it becomes a good option?

Overdraft is a good source as back up funds. Sometimes we get caught up with unexpected expenses and our bank account balance is not sufficient to cover it. Bank overdraft can be a good option for this situation but make sure to check with the bank if you are entitled to exceed, how much you can exceed and verify all the associated fees and charges to it.

Another way that overdraft could save you is when you always want to meet your payments on time especially if it’s an auto debit arrangement or cheque payment. Sometimes there are delays with your expected income or your salary to be credited to your account and the bill is already due. Overdraft can be a good option to keep your record as a good payer and to avoid late payment fees. Furthermore, if you issue a cheque the bank would still charge you for non- sufficient funds which is comparable to overdraft fee if you don’t have enough funds on account once the cheque is presented to your bank. This can create a bad record both from your bank and to the party that you issued a cheque.

When it becomes a bad option?

Overdraft may persuade you to spend what you don’t have. Sometimes we get tempted to help or lend others beyond our capability and use overdraft as an option.  Also, it can create a habit where you will get persuaded to always go over your budget and mismanage your money as you take more than what you have.

Overdraft will give you the difficulty to apply for credit if you always depend on it. Lenders will see that you are not doing financially well, as they will see constant usage of it which can affect their lending decisions.

How can you control your overdraft?

  1. Watch over your bank account by setting up an online access. You can download your bank’s application to your phone. Alternatively, you can request to set up your text alerts when you have a low balance or use a phone banking.
  2. Always get an authorisation if you need an overdraft- explain to your bank the reason why you need it and your plan to repay it. Make sure that all fees and charges are explained to you clearly and try to negotiate for lower overdraft fees.
  3. Don’t ignore bank letters – Make sure that you read every letter received from the bank as they might send you letters related to your overdraft. Sometimes we have this habit of ignoring the letters as we assume that they are just routine correspondence.
  4. Create a budget and always try to stick to it – making a budget gives us the idea as to where we spend our money thus, helps us to see if we are still living within our means. Work out your living costs by knowing the ins and outs of your money. We can help you with managing Budgeted versus Actual expenditure of living expenses as well as business expenses, if this interests you please call our office 1300 696 585 and one of our consultants will help you get started with managing your expenses.
  5. Find alternative ways on how you could make and save money – There are many different ways to do this and if you would like to get more information, you may read my blogs below.

How to Make More Money

How to Save Money

Bank overdraft is not guaranteed and it’s not safe for long- term borrowings. Sometimes, banks will take at any time the money you owe leaving you with nothing that you thought you still have an access to. When using an overdraft, make sure to pay it back quickly to minimise the interest that you will have to pay. Check with your bank the time limit as you may have to pay it back on a certain date.

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Benefits of Accounting Software

As a professional bookkeeper, I believe that every business regardless of its size should have a reliable accounting system. Some still use a manual accounting which I think will consume time and money and often makes it difficult to get a valuable insight into the business.

What is an accounting software?

Accounting software is a computer program that is used to record and maintain accounting information in a company or business. It provides different functional modules such as accounts receivable, accounts payable, payroll, inventory and financial reports.  The software can be designed and developed in-house by the company or business using it or can be purchased to a third party or a combination of both. Some software is desktop based while some are online-based which can be accessed as long as there is internet available. Some of the most commonly used accounting software are Quickbooks, MYOB, Xero and Sage.

Why shift to an accounting software?

First, it can save you time and money. Manual recording may require you for two or more persons to finish the job while using an accounting software may minimise the manpower as it can provide all the information from data entry to financial reporting.  Depending on the size of the organization, a single person sometimes can accomplish the job from creating an invoice, issuing a cheque, reconciling bank and book accounts as well as inventory. It gives us the ease to get financial information at any time you need it which enables a business or company to monitor its financial records.

Second, it helps to minimise errors and mistakes. Manual accounting puts you on higher risk of errors in calculation. As a result, it does not give you accurate information which may affect management’s decision – making and planning.  Accounting software automatically provides accurate calculations. Let’s take invoicing and billing as an example. When doing manual recording it is very likely that you will miss to record payments from clients.  Chances are, you will continue to ask your client for payment which are already paid. This scenario can happen frequently and as a result, it leaves a bad impression with the client.

Third, it eliminates the use of paper-form documents such as invoices & receipts. Manual processing of documents requires manual filing which is time consuming, requires storage space, is costly and it makes editing complicated. If a company uses an electronic-based documentation, it makes the process fast, easy and accessible. One good example is that you can view, edit, reprint or resend invoices by simply searching it with the invoice number, name or amount.

Lastly for tax purpose, it makes the process easier to comply with your tax obligations as it provides all the financial details available. It offers relief from the burden of manual consolidation of information that needs to be declared on the tax return and activity statements.

You might be thinking now in shifting from manual to computerised bookkeeping but feel hesitant as you might not have the time and professional experience. Fortunately, most of the available accounting software are user-friendly and the learning curve is fast and easy. Most vendors provide 24/7 customer support and offer adequate training. Please feel free to contact me if you want to discuss what is the best accounting software that suits your business as we offer software installation, and training.

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How to Retain Your Clients

The life blood of a company or business are the customers/clients and this is a fact that every business owners have to keep in mind. Customer service plays an important role in maintaining a good relationship which leads to a higher customer satisfaction level. We all know that it’s easier to keep an existing customer than to get new clients. More often, business owners get too busy or focus in obtaining new clients that sometimes they failed to retain them due to lack of attention with the details to keep them from coming back.

After doing some readings about ways on how we can boost customer retention, I came up with a list that I would like to share. I have listed five different ways that includes simple practices that are sometimes being ignored but can create a big impact to client’s experience.

  1. Setting the right expectation – Client’s expectation depends on what kind of information you provide the moment you start talking to them. Sometimes we overpromised as our goal at that moment is to WIN this client. Expect that this client would remember all the information provided and should you fail to fulfill or deliver any of them, this will create a negative experience and disappointment by the client. To avoid such scenario, make sure not to over or under deliver and try to eliminate any uncertainty in terms to the level of service that you could provide.
  1. Build a good rapport with clients – A good rapport builds trust and confidence to clients. Clients will trust us if we do as we say. Call them if you say you will, keep your commitment and avoid giving false hope. Always maintain your credibility because people will only do business with you if they trust and believe you.
  1. Reach out to inactive clients – Technology gives us the ease in keeping in touch and updating our clients. List down those clients that you think are no longer active, grab their email addresses and create an email template (content can be a product/services update or reminder) and send a mass email (make sure you BCC everyone to hide their email addresses). Or if the company is willing to spend, you can subscribe at Mailchimp or any other emailing website.
  1. Make them feel that they are appreciated – Just a simple “Thank You” before and after fulfilling your business with them would make them feel valued. There are many different ways on how you can express your gratitude for doing business with you. When replying to their emails, always thank them for it or if they remember to call you, always express your appreciation that they called.
  1. Reward loyal clients – If you can, try to reward clients depending on what type of product or service that you offer. If you sell a product, you can add some freebies to their purchase. If it’s a service, you can provide additional work that is free of charge. Yes, you are doing business to make money but adding value to product or service you provide will make your client stick to you.

Remember, word of mouth can make a huge impact with your business. The more clients you retain, the bigger chances you’ll get new clients because they will spread to other people how much happy and satisfy they are.  No matter what type of business you have, customer retention will surely empower you which eventually boost the bottom line.

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How To Save Money

Many people commit to a life of toil to secure their future and to fulfil obligations. They make a habit of setting aside a portion of their earnings to have savings. They are very focus in putting more money on their bank accounts but sometimes overlook those simple things that could help them to save more money. There are things that we do or don’t do regularly and we do not realise, could help us save more.

Here are just some simple tips that I would like to share which you may find helpful.

  1. Quit Smoking!

It was my intention to list this down first as this is one habit that is expensive and deadly. It does not only burn your money but it also puts your life at risk for serious illness. I know that it is easy for me to say this as a non- smoker but if you really want to save money, save your life and save your savings, I suggest that you start to quit a bit by bit.

  1. Wash your own car

If you have the habit of taking your car for a wash every week, why not try to do it yourself at least                              every other week at your garage. The only important thing that you should have is an outdoor faucet and a water hose. You can buy a water bucket, sponge, car wash solution which can be used for more washes.  This will not only save your money but will also give you an opportunity to do exercise as you will use your forearm muscles which can help to burn at least 150 calories for one hour.

  1. Monitor your energy consumption

We all know that one of the most expensive bills that we settle every month is our electricity and water. Some people are not aware that even if appliances are not in use, as long as they are plugged in, it will continue to consume and drain electricity all day and every day. I suggest that you use switches with power strip to save you time in plugging and unplugging. Same thing goes with water usage. You can’t imagine how much water you can save if you will start the habit of using a glass when you brush, turning off faucet while you scrub or shave. This does not only save you money but also help to save the environment and energy. Though you will notice a slight reduction on your monthly consumption but if you add it up together for a year, it can still make a difference to your budget.

  1. Avoid a habit of take away coffee, make your own instead.

Some people love to drink coffee but are lazy to make their own. They do not realize that a $3 take away coffee on a daily basis, which is $80 monthly, can add up to their savings. Why not start to make it yourself from home and buy coffee cups so you can bring it with you as you go.

  1. Avoid eating out too much

Eating out gives us the most relaxing way on feeding ourselves as it free us from work and mess from cooking. And because most of the time, we don’t want to bother to think of what to cook or to visit a grocery store, we opt to eat out every meal which costs us a huge amount of money. Be it you are living alone or with a family, cooking and preparing your own food can somehow help you reduce your daily expenses and is beneficial too. You can also bring your home cooked food to work to avoid the temptation of eating out. You may spend eating out sometimes but try not to make it habit.

  1. Maximise the use of different applications with free messaging & calls

Why bother to spend money on your mobile for credit where in fact you can call or send a message using a mobile application for free. There are many different applications available to download such as Skype, Facebook messenger & Viber. Encourage your family members, friends and relatives to do the same so you can easily get in touch with them without spending a single penny.

  1. Avoid impulsive buying

Sometimes we get easily tempted when we see things that we like even if it’s not within your budget. It’s very easy to be persuaded especially when we have our credit cards, just one swipe and you’ll have it. If you have this kind of issue of being an impulsive buyer, I suggest that you try to leave your credit cards at home and just bring your debit card to pay for what you really need. If it’s a debit card, you’ll have second thoughts of buying It because you know that you are paying it in cash. A friend of a friend had this issue where she kept on buying luxurious bags using her credit cards until her debts accumulated and could no longer payback her credit card. She ended up selling these bags at a cheaper price so she could use the money to pay her credit cards.

  1. Save or spend your tax refund wisely.

Some people get excited when tax season approaches as they are expecting refunds. Some use it to pay for their debts, for unexpected costs or emergencies while others spend it to reward themselves. I added this on my list as this could help you to save more, so make the most out of it and spend wisely or better; add it onto your savings!

  1. Pay Bills on time to avoid penalties

Sometimes out of our busy schedule, we tend to overlook our bills and fail to pay them on time. Thus, we end up paying additional fees or penalties. One way to avoid this happening is to try to settle your bill as soon you receive them rather than waiting for its due date. You would definitely forget your bill when it gets buried under a pile of paperwork or even worst, mistakenly thrown away!

  1. Avoid violating traffic rules and parking fines

We all know that traffic fines in Australia are very high. Over speeding and parking are just one of the common traffic violations that drivers commit. Make sure to drive within the speed limit and follow parking rules to avoid spending your hard- earned money on something that you can control.

No matter how hard we work and how big or small we earn, our savings depends on our attitude in managing our income. If we have the right attitude, we can surely figure out different ways on how we can save more to fatten our bank accounts. Ways that sometimes others ignore and do not realise can make a big difference on their spending.

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How to Make More Money

One goal that people have in common is to save more money to have a comfortable life and to enjoy financial freedom. But most of us sacrifice other important things in life to make sure that the hard- earned money is saved for the future. As a result, we forget to enjoy and forget that life is too short to not experience things that we should be doing while we are still alive, strong and healthy.

This is the reason why I came up with this idea to share some tips on how to earn extra money that can help us to improve our lifestyle while saving at the same time.

I am listing down some legitimate ways on how to earn extra which can be used to cover the funds you may need for some of your expenses, pay a credit card bill, to buy something for yourself or for family or even to fund your travel plans.

  1. Blogging

This is one of the most famous freelance online job to consider for those who love to write. All you will simply need are the following: Domain (can be purchased for as low as $1), hosting (for as low as $.99/month) and a mind full of ideas.

You may write something what you are passionate about or topics that are popular and trending. Who knows, you might be the next Lisa Hamilton in the blogging industry.

  1. Managing social media accounts of businesses

If you love checking facebook, twitter, Instagram or pinterest from time to time, then this would be a great opportunity for you to earn extra income. There are businesses that are too busy to manage and update their social media who are willing to hire a freelance to do the work for them. If you have a background in branding with graphics, initiating ads, increase the numbers of followers, creating promotional posts then this is a big opportunity to earn extra. You may try to register to some legitimate websites such as Upwork Global to begin with.

  1. Explore your culinary skills

For those who are passionate on baking and cooking, this is another way to earn extra while at home. You may try to bake cupcakes, cookies, breads and create your own packaging style then there is no doubt that this would sell. You may start offering them with your relatives, friends, colleagues and through recommendations you will receive orders that you never imagine. And for those who loves to cook, you may create a dish that is much cheaper but appetizing and you may offer it to your officemates, neighbours and even classmates of your kids which will save them from spending time buying from outside, canteen or market.

  1. Teach English Online

Online English Tutors such as Cambly offers tutorials and coaching to non- English speakers from another country. You will get paid by simply voice or video chatting through Skype with their students and have a conversation with them and teach them along the way with the proper pronunciation and grammar. You may get paid $10/hour and may earn more depending on the number of hours you are willing to spend in a day. It will also give you the opportunity to learn about different cultures and language. All you need is patience and the passion to help others to learn English.

  1. Create funny videos with your kids and upload on Youtube

Ryan Toys Reviews is one perfect example that you may want to see to get ideas on how to create videos with your kids. So far, this youtube account holder has 8.9 million subscribers. Here you can see that parents are just taking their son’s video while playing and enjoying himself with the toys they buy for him. Sometimes they take videos when they bring their son to theme parks while they explore and go around and surprisingly they get many views as well. By just simply creating the best content on your video that is appealing to kids, you would be able to attract more viewers and you will start earning money as you reach 10,000 views.  You may visit Youtube Help link to learn how to monetize your videos.

  1. Offer Make-up and Hair-styling Services

If you have the talent in make-up and hair-styling, you may offer services to your friends, friends of friends, colleagues with a price that is way much cheaper than going to a salon. People who live on a budget usually get services from a freelance make-up artist. There are so many hair and make-up tutorials available on Youtube that you may watch to update yourself on what is trending and what are the newest make-up supplies available in the market.

  1. Be a freelance Nail Technician

If you do not have the skills in hair and make-up, another way that you could earn extra is by offering a mani-pedi services. You may need to invest for the tools but you will definitely earn back the money that you will spend. A good nail technician pays close attention to every detail and are creative. If you want to get more ideas of what is hot and trending, you may check Instagram, Pinterest and Youtube. Customers will keep on asking for your service if they are satisfied especially most women like to have their nails done very often. The more customers that you satisfy, the higher the extra earnings that you will earn.

  1. Organize a garage sale

Start clearing out your house with all those unneeded items and convert them into cash. You may encourage your relatives and friends to join and sell stuff as well. Things like old books, cds, slightly used clothes and shoes, perfumes, bags, kitchen wares or even your old furniture will sell.

  1. Be a freelance Emcee

Some are born with a talent who can easily get on stage, pick up a mic and entertain people. Well, if you have such talent and experience, why not offer this service on weddings, birthdays, company events or other parties. Especially now that Christmas is approaching, why not start asking someone you know working from a company, school or organization that are holding Christmas parties and offer your service. You can start charging $150-$300 for 4 to 5 hours depending on the size of the audience. You can also check EntertainOz to check some MC job opportunity.

  1. Offer Private lessons on instruments

If you have the talent in playing guitar, piano, drums or any other instruments, you can offer  for cheaper training on a per hour basis. Some parents like their kids to do summer training to learn to play a music instrument. This is a good opportunity to offer a one on one service with a lower price compared to if they enrol to a music school/centre. You may start to teach beginners and charge $10 to $15 per hour.  To get customers, you can advertise your service by creating a facebook page, create a simple website or make fliers and distribute them at the malls, stores or even around your neighbourhood.

All these tips I listed above are just some of the many ways that you can try to earn extra for your living. You will not know the result unless you give it a shot. Should you fail from the first try, then try again!  There are still many other ways that you can do until such time that you will get comfortable of doing and at the same time, earning!

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Accounting and Business Ethics

Ethics is a strong word that we always hear and sometimes neglected especially in the business world. Do we really know what ethics really means with regards to running a business?

One of the simplest definition of Ethics can be found at Meriam – Webster that explains it as a discipline dealing with what is good and bad and with moral duty and obligation. As a business owner, I strongly stand and believe that it is very important that we practice and work with honesty, consistency and integrity to build and encourage public confidence. The success of every organisation or business depends on its employees and management’s integrity. Public trust depends heavily on ethical business practices.

It is essential that a business should promote code of ethics, be it big or small no matter the area of practice or industry. Graham Ward, president of IFAC suggests these three fundamental ways to prevent ethical lapses:

  • Establish realistic business objectives
  • Develop transparent business culture; and
  • Promote and enforce a corporate code of ethics among their employees and require service provider to do the same

We build business with people we trust and we get business from people who trust us. This means that ethics serves as a driver for business growth. Reputation, credibility and trust goes hand in hand and any of these should not get compromised otherwise your business will get jeopardize.

Role of Accounting in Business

Businesses relies on accounting as it delivers all the financial and business information where a business owner, investor, creditors or a manager uses to get and provide information. This means that they are at risk of fraud should the integrity standards and accounting ethics be compromised.

A characteristic mark of accounting profession is to act in the public interest. Thus, an accountant’s accountability and responsibility is not only to satisfy its employer or individual client. A professional accountant is expected to observe and comply with these five fundamental ethics principles.

  1. Integrity – To be straightforward and honest in all professional and business relationships.
  1. Objectivity – To not allow bias, conflict of interest or undue influence of others to override professional or business judgements.
  1. Professional Competence and Due Care – To maintain professional knowledge and skill at the level required to ensure that a client or employer receives competent professional services based on current developments in practice, legislation and techniques and act diligently and in accordance with applicable technical and professional standards.
  1. Confidentiality – To respect the confidentiality of information acquired as a result of professional and business relationships and, therefore, not disclose any such information to third parties without proper and specific authority, unless there is a legal or professional right or duty to disclose, nor use the information for the personal advantage of the professional accountant or third parties.
  1. Professional Behaviour -To comply with relevant laws and regulations and avoid any action that discredits the profession.

Blaise Pascal, the French Mathematician once said “The virtue of a man ought to be measured not by his extraordinary exertions, but by his everyday conduct”. As leaders, business owners or practitioners, it is very important that we always keep in mind that we should lead by example. Ethics should not only be expressed in words, but also in our actions and behaviour.


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GOALS: Personal, Professional and Business

I discussed from my two previous blogs about success and motivation. I thought it would be more useful if I write about the one missing part to complete the equation of success. They say that Goals plus Motivations is equal to Success. Thus, we need to identify our goals to stay motivated for success.

How do we define goal?

A goal is an objective or target, usually driven by a specific purpose or reason and accompanied by an effort and achievement of a desired result.

What are these goals?

Our goals can be personal, professional or for business depending on what you want to achieve in life. You might want to lose 20 pounds from your body weight, that is a personal goal. Or if you are aiming to become a manager three years from now then you are setting your professional goal. Or let’s say you have the plan to expand and grow your own business, this is for business goal.

What are the things you need to consider in setting your goals?

Goals should be Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Reliable and Timely (SMART).

Specific– it is well-defined and has a greater chance to achieve compare if you only set a general goal.

For example, you want to “get back in shape”. A specific goal would be, lose 10 kilos by doing morning exercise, visit the gym twice a week and eat the right food. You should be able to identify the reason why you want to lose weight. It can be because you want to maintain a healthy lifestyle to avoid heart disease or any serious health condition.

Measurable – this is knowing if the goal set is obtainable and how long it will take to achieve it. Setting up a timeframe is important in following the steps you planned in meeting your goal.

For example, you are aiming to get promoted as a manager in 3 years’ time in your company. Is the timeframe that you set enough to succeed with your goal?  You set your timeframe for three years but do you have enough experience and are there any other potential candidates for the position within that three year period? Or, does the company need a new manager within the set timeframe? Setting a goal that is not measurable may lead to frustrations and can lose motivation.

Achievable – Your goal should to be attainable and realistic to succeed.

For example, you set a goal to increase your production by 60% to increase supply for the next quarter. Before you set this goal, you need to consider if your supplies would be enough for the production. Are the machineries and manpower enough to meet the quantity that you set to produce for the next quarter? Should you need to acquire additional machineries and hire additional manpower? You need to consider the possible constraints and limitations when you set your goals such as time, money, resources and the costs that it may incur.

Relevant – in setting your goal, make sure that it is applicable and appropriate to current period or circumstances. It should also benefit you or the company otherwise the effort will be useless.

Let me refer to the 60% increase in production example I used above. Is the goal set relevant for the company within that period? Are there any external factors to be considered that could affect your plans? If a recession is looming or there are new competitors within the market, this could affect the level of demand. This means that the goal set is not feasible and relevant to the company due to what is happening in the market.

Timely – in setting your goal, make sure that you set the deadline as to when you want it to get accomplished. This gives you the motivation to push through your limits and can help to avoid procrastination.

For example, you want to lose weight to meet a healthy lifestyle. But when is your target date to accomplish your goal? Do you want to achieve it in 3 months or 6 months’ time? Sometimes, we tend to apply the habit of doing things by tomorrow but can actually be done today because we know we have all the time to do it.

Now that I have outlined the composition of a SMART goal, let me give a short insight as to how we can apply this on our personal, professional and business goal.

Personal Goal

Goals are like dreams that turn into realities. Attaining personal goals can build self -confidence and that gives us the ability to achieve more. Our personal goals can be our financial, fitness, relationship, social, spiritual, family and education. I noticed that people tend to set their new year goal or resolutions as they look ahead for the next 12 months. However, at the end of the year, these goals remain unachieved due to lack of commitment and proper goal settings. Thus, that goal goes right back from where you started and setting the same goal you made the year before. To achieve this, start taking a baby step right away and when you start to see results, keep reminding yourself as to how this will benefit you once you achieved it.

Here is how a smart personal goal statement looks like:

“Lose 10 kg in six months to stay fit and healthy by waking up an hour early to do an exercise, spend an hour at the gym during weekend, reduce sugar intake and eat fruits and vegetables.”

Professional Goal

It is usual for a company to ask you during your job interview as to how you see yourself 5 or 10 years from now. But why do interviewers include this question? In my opinion, I think it’s because they want to understand more about your career and professional goals and to see if the position offered will fit with your future plans. Employers are concerned about your goals as they want to hire someone who is proactive, motivated, work hard and likely to stay around.  Hence, setting up your professional goals plays an important role as to what you will become in the future.

Here is a sample of a smart professional goal statement:

“To obtain a managerial position level at the accounting department after two years by obtaining my MBA degree and attending leadership trainings to enhance my skills in managing and leading a team”.

Business Goal

The success of a business depends on the ability to set and achieve goals of the person running it. There must be continuous monitoring with the progress and applying necessary adjustments if needed.

So how does business goal statement look like based from SMART Goal:

“To increase 20% in sales by recruiting 50 new clients before the end of the year through extensive marketing campaigns, referrals and promotions. “

No matter how hard you work in life, without goals you will not have a direction, motivation and you will lose focus with what you really want to achieve. Setting your goals does not only enable you to take control of your direction, but also provides a guide to determine if you are succeeding. A goal is like a car driver that controls the direction to reach its destination. Try to imagine a running car without a driver. Same applies with goal setting, how can you achieve what you desire in life if you will not let your goals guide and drive you to let’s get SMART.

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